Flick Jones

Since leaving education, I have worked as a secretary and PA, predominantly for Lloyds Bank and more recently with Cardiff City Council. I currently have a part-time admin role with the local authority as this enables me to write on my days off.

I first started writing children's books and then one day, inspired by my friend, Monica, who has very curly hair, penned my first poem, Monica Veronica. The second poem, Does Butter Fly? came to me whilst sitting in the garden and watching a fluttering butterfly. It suddenly occurred to me that, if it was really made of butter as its name suggests, it would surely melt on a hot summer's day. My poems have been described as ‘quirky and unique'. I love this description and, hopefully, I too am a little ‘quirky and unique'. My wish is that every poem makes the reader smile.

I live in a suburb of Cardiff with my partner, Peter. In fact, it was Peter's mother who gave me the writing bug. A bug that I was delighted to catch! Thank you, Glenys, for your inspiration.


Does Butter Fly? is a charming collection of children's poems for young readers to enjoy. Coupled with enchanting illustrations, readers will be smiling from the very first page. Filled with delightfully imaginative characters, such as Monica Veronica, Slender Brenda and Paddy, the dandy cat, there is a poem in here for all to enjoy

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Kicky is an abandoned fairy who never had the chance of being given a name or a title as to what her particular vocation was in order to fit in with the fairy clans. Whilst sleeping beneath an oak tree, little did she know that this was the turning point in her life. Discovered by Sessile the Tree Fairy, Kicky is introduced to the other fairies, most of whom accept and help her... except one or two. Orabelle, the Water Fairy, who is nothing bu t a troublemaker. As are the Pixies who have their own way of creating mischief.

Our little Foundling Fairy soon finds her wings and, with new friends, finds her feet as well.

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